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Top Features


1. Voicemail
The most popular feature ordered on our phone systems is Voicemail. Saving time and money over handwritten messages and allows you to use your business resources more effectively. No more incorrect spelling or missed phone numbers. 
Used the same as on your mobile phone the PABX Phone System Voice mail allows your callers to tell you exactly what they want you to hear

VoIP is the latest technology and a way to cut costs. Any reputable phone system can integrate with cheap VoIP calls but not every system can actually offer VoIP phone system features. VoIP system features are used for linking multiple sites, or remote workers. They allow other users on the phone system to see, transfer, and receive calls, from other sites and staff no matter where they are located.

Transferring calls is a key reason many small businesses upgrade to an IP PBX phone system. Transferring calls can send productivity through the roof. This is particularly relevant for sales environments and companies that have remote workers or home workers. It gets callers and potential customers seamlessly and efficiently through to the people they need to speak to.

Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications usually known by the acronym DECT is a digital communication standard, which is primarily used for creating cordless phone systems. Cordless phones added to a standard PABX/PBX/Switchboards system can redefine the way you use the pabx. This is especially true for retailers, customers with warehousing or large areas where staff are continually on the move.

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