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PABX Quotes believes in Brand choice, Panasonic, Samsung, Astra to name a few of the popular brands that we sell, offering spare parts and exceptional service to our national client base, contact us today to experience the many benefits of buying PBX brands that are well known and recognised in the industry through our innovative online quotation portal.

The Telecommunication industry is a rapidly growing sector and strives to improve each and every successive model launched. Our wide range of PBX options, features, VoIP and wireless may become over whelming for new buyers. So contact us for expert advice on a PBX/PABX/Switchboard system that will allow your company to experience the savings and productivity offered by today’s state of the art PABX/Switchboard systems


When you place your PABX/PBX/Switchboard equipment on a rental agreement, there’s no deposit required and no significant cash outlay from your cash flow. You can use your cash more effectively by investing it, rather than using it for business infrastructure. Get the PABX /switchboard your company needs right now and spread the payments across the useful life of the technology without crippling your business’s working capital.

A rental solution allows you the freedom to expand and grow your business as fast as you want to. Benefit from this flexibility when it comes to payments, upgrades and the addition of more technology to meet your needs.

Why Rent?
Get to know the benefits of PBX/PABX/Switchboard rentals and find out how you can reduce your overall costs and get the most out of your PBX telecommunication spend.

IT Benefits
• Fast delivery of equipment
• Current technology
• On-site support
• Upgrade & add-on at any time
• IT departments can focus on core-issues
• Software on demand


Financial Benefits
• No large cash outlay
• No depreciation
• Hedge against inflation
• Improve against ratios
• Tax benefits
• Improve balance sheet gearing
• Free working capital
• Asset tracking & asset management
• Administration time is slashed
• Reduced risk

Outright purchases contact us for further information on the outright purchase of a PBX/PABX/Switchboard system.

Neotel/Number Porting/Cabling

At PABX Quotes we provide telecoms services to a wide array of customers and strive to make communicating as easy and cost-effective as possible for you. For office communication solutions, we have business solutions that will address your high data and voice usage requirements.

Here are a few examples of what we are able to offer you

1. NeoFlex
The multiple user solutions have been designed with business in mind. NeoFlex Data and NeoFlex Voice will not only connect all of your staff, but will also save you time and up to 25% of your business phone bill.

NeoFlex Data: A solution that presents a multi-user, high-speed, high-capacity data service and is best suited to small home offices, SMEs or high-data usage home users.
NeoFlex Voice: A crystal-clear multi-line office solution that is both cost-effective and reliable.
NeoGo Data card: A data card that offers you mobile access with 2GB & 3GB bundle options.


Number porting refers to taking existing phone numbers provided to your company and transferring your operation and management to another service provider enabling your company to maintain their current numbers.

Neotel, VoIP and Telecom are a few of the service providers that PABX Quotes works with. We will be able to assist you in number porting to which ever service provider you prefer.

Contact us for further information on an agreement which allows your telephone numbers to be moved between telecoms companies


To be able to benefit fully from your PABX/PBX/Switchboard you need to know exactly what your optional extras may be, it is here that most mistakes are made when buying a new Telephone system for your company. PABX Quotes will be able to provide you with all the information you will need to know exactly what features you are able to benefit from.

Here are some of the most popular features on a new phone system:

VOIP Voice over Internet Protocol, telephone conversations that takes place over the Internet instead of land-based telephone networks. A Voice over IP phone provides normal telephone functionality, like placing and receiving calls however it is the most cost effective service provider due to the per second billing.
CALL TRANSFER Call Forwarding is a feature used to route calls to a destination, optionally based upon some of the below reasons:

1. Call Forward Unconditional call forward to some other extension, whereby calls are sent to the other extension regardless.
2. Call forward on no answer, when they are transferred if the original destination is unanswered after some period of time or number of rings.
3. Call forward on busy, transferred when the original extension is engaged.
4. Call forward on DND, transferred when the original extension is in Do Not Disturb
VOICE MAIL Many systems have limited voicemail storage, and callers often get a recording that tells them they cannot leave a message because the voice mailbox is full.

PABX Quotes can make sure that your callers never have to hear that recording again. With Telephone systems that open more message space for you when your voicemail is full as well as notifying you in multiple ways to let you know a voice message or fax is waiting. You can receive email notification, pager, and web alerts. You can even be notified you’ve received new voice or fax mail messages with a text message to your cell phone, features that will improve your company’s customer service and productivity.


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